Speedo Covert Mirrored Goggles

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Experience underwater views adjusted for your surroundings with this swim goggle. A unique design focused on environment-based tinting features a wide optical-grade lens for improved clarity, while an exclusive nose bridge system adjusts to your face for a custom fit.

  • Experience Underwater Views Adjusted for Your Surroundings
  • Unique Design Focused on Environment-Based Tinting
  • Wide Optical-Grade Lens for Improved Clarity
  • Exclusive Nose Bridge System Adjusts to Your Face for Custom Fit
  • Custom Track Nose Bridge Locks in Place for Precision Fit
  • Hybrid Gasket Technology:
  • Blends Comfort and Wide-Angle Optical Lens
  • Improves Clarity and Light
  • Expand Your Comfort w/Outer Eye Fit
  • Gasket Shape Offers Most Universal Fit Outside Eye Socket
  • Security and Reliability of Speedo's Googles
  • Anti-Fog Prevents Condensation for Clear Vision
  • UV Protected Lenses Block Sun's Harmful UVA and UVB Rays